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Team is developed and operated by iMedia Technologies, LLC. Core team members are from the Silicon Valley in US, including tech veterans from Google, eBay, Facebook and other top technologies companies. was founded in November 2015. The headquarters is located at Silicon Valley in US. We are committed to research and development of machine learning based computer vision technology, and its applications in image recognition, image search, image tags and other fields. We provide image search, image recognition and other image related API interfaces.


To provide the most advanced image recognition and visual search technologies to small and medium-sized companies worldwide at the lowest cost. Use AI (Artificial Intelligence) based computer vision technology to easily create applications for you. Your success is our success!


Fine tuned image search engine for each application scenario: specific needs of various industries. Whether it is e-commerce fashion, department stores, fabrics, furnitures, antique calligraphy and painting auctions, advertising, or AR augmented reality, we have customized solutions. Precision Image Machine Learning: Based on our 20 million image collections, machine learning has allowed us to have a deeper understanding of all kinds of images from people's daily life, thus laying a solid foundation for our image recognition and search accuracy. Image Search Speed: Thanks to our top notch tech team, we have the world's leading large-scale high-speed image recognition and search algorithms. Our system architecture is designed to support distributed, multi-machine, multi-card joint high parallel operation, thus greatly improving large scale image search and recognition search speed.

Application Examples


E-commerce - Find Similar Items by Visual Search

By integrating with our Visual Search API, it becomes possible to visually search merchandises from your own product database. This allows your online stores to have Visual Search capability instantly, no matter whether it is a website, smart phone App, or any other kind of online applications. Visual Search or Similar Image Search can be used for items such as clothing, shoes, jewelry, department stores products, home furniture, and many others.See Demo.

Image Recognition and Matching for Art and Many Other Items

Image recognition and matching can be used in painting and calligraphy exhibitions, galleries, museums and other multimedia creative experience. Imagine one can use smart phone to take a shot of painting, upload the photo to match , display the item information, and place order directly. Precise image recognition and matching can also be used for items such as wine label, product LOGO, drug label, book cover, posters, jewelry, landmarks and others. See Demo.

Creative Marketing

Everyone must remember how fun it was to play hide and seek when you were a kid. This actually reveals a common property of human beings: like to discover and surprise. With our image matching API, you can easily create a smart phone App to take a photo shot of LOGO, posters, or any model item, and then use image matching for a creative marketing experience.See Demo

Fabric Search and Matching

Fabric search and matching is different from generic similarity visual search in two aspects. One is that a user can take pictures of arbitrary rotation of a fabric thus generating different images. Another one is that it will create different images by zooming in or out. In both cases, users expect to be able find the items by visual search. We have created a special search engine specifically for the textile industry,thus making fabric visual search a reality.
See Demo1.
See Demo2.

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Feel free to contact us for any API questions or customized solution. Email us at or send us messages by using the form .

US Headquarter in Silicon Valley:
iMedia Technologies, LLC
Suite #2
1432 Yilufa Ct
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