Image Recognition

Image recognition API provides a service for image identification or recognition from a large number of images.

Going to Mobile is the trend. Research shows interactions through mobile between users and a site can significantly increase conversion rate. Are your sites keeping up with mobile? With continued smart phone adoption, taking photos becomes common for many phone owners. Why not take advantage of this trend? Here our image identification / recognition API comes in to help.

By integrating our image recognition API with your system, your smart phone apps would be able to allow users to take a snap of an item such as a book/DVD, a wine bottle or a label of any product, upload the product image, and find & buy the product.

Application scenarios: eCommerce website or platform, online shopping smart phone Apps, cloth finding website or smart phone Apps

Image Recognition Features:

Great ability to resist input image noise, great for mobile Apps Capable to resist noise of input image such as scaling, lighting change, rotating, and interference of background
Picture-in-picture partial matching Capable to find a partial match even if the content of an input image is only part of an image in the image set
Dynamically adding & deleting items You can add, modify, and delete your image and related meta data dynamically. Searchable immediately after successful adding
Meta data You can add additional meta data such as product title, description, customized categories, any labels, all those are searchable by API
Image + keywords hybrid search Allow to combine visual search and keywords search, known as hybrid search to more accurately search what users want
Filtering result by customized category Allow to do visual search using filtering customized categories
Filtering result by customized labels Allow to do visual search using filtering by customized labels