Visual Search for Online Shopping

If an image is worth a thousand words, why not let users search for products using the image itself? Visual search is based on searching by image content. The result is ordered by visual similarity scores calculated by analyzing image content characteristics such as color distribution, geometry and texture. Visual search is advantageous because it is more intuitive and retrieves more accurate results by visual similarity ordering.

User Case 1: Visual search can be effective for visual recommendation. For example, at an online shopping website, a user searches for products through keyword searching or browsing. He or she might find something interesting—a bag, a pair of shoes, or a dress. The user then might want to see more items visually similar to this one.

User Case 2: Integrating Visual Search into smartphone apps lets users take a photo of a product from a magazine, a physical product in-store or an image from the Internet and find visually relevant products at your site.

Key Benefits From Visual Search

• Visual Search & Visual Recommendations will help your customers buy what they want.
According to statistics, product recommendations increase sales by up to 300% and the value of average order by up to 50%. Our Visual Search technology provides visually similar alternative or complementary products.

• Testing shows that Visual Recommendations on product pages increases product detail page views up to 150-400%, which naturally leads to sales increase.

• A smart phone app with Visual Search & Recommendation capability would allow customers to search products visually anywhere—more easily and more directly. This would increase Online-Offline interactions and drive offline customers to make online purchases on your site, thus increasing online revenue.

How good is our Visual Search API?

Very fast 300 to 500 mill seconds search time
Large scale Easily handle millions to even 20 millions images
Dynamically adding & deleting items You can add, modify, and delete your image and related meta data dynamically. Searchable immediately after successful adding
Meta data You can add additional meta data such as product title, description, customized categories, any labels, all those are searchable by API
Image + keywords hybrid search Allow to combine visual search and keywords search, known as hybrid search to more accurately search what users want
Filtering result by customized category Allow to do visual search using filtering customized categories
Filtering result by customized labels Allow to do visual search using filtering by customized labels

演示1:电子商务类图片, 衣服, 包包, 鞋子, 首饰的相似图像搜索推荐

找相似   找相似   找相似   找相似   找相似  

演示2: 上传任何图片搜索相似图像

上传任何图片如山, 川, 河, 湖泊, 海, 沙滩, 天空等自然风光照片, 或者狗, 猫, 猴子, 大象, 鱼等动物, 或人物, 建筑, 道路, 飞机, 汽车, 等等 (因为此图像库只有一般图片, 请不要搜电子商务如衣服,商品类图片).


演示3: 电子商务手机APP应用: