Duplicate Image Detection API

Imagine that if your company or web site has a large number of pictures, it may be a user uploading a picture material, sharing a graphic design picture, or a photo photo. The problem with a headache is how to make sure that there is no repetition of the picture. Too many duplication of pictures will make the search results have the same picture, causing a very bad user experience. It is obvious that it is impossible to get rid of one by one. Here, The same picture or nearly the same picture detection and deletion technology can easily solve this problem. When using the API interface, As long as you upload your sample small picture to our cloud service picture processor, you can find out whether any input picture has the same or nearly the same picture.

Application scene: image database trading platform, picture material website, picture community website, picture sharing APP

Duplicate Image Detection API:   API doc

Large scale Easily handle millions to even 20 millions images
Very fast 300 to 500 mill seconds search time
Dynamically adding & deleting items You can add, modify, and delete your image and related meta data dynamically. Searchable immediately after successful adding