Image Metadata Extraction

This API service allows users to extract the metadata data information stored inside an input image. The metadata includes exchangeable image file format information(Exchangeable image file format,Exif). It is specially set for photos of digital cameras and can record the attribute information and shooting data of digital photos.

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Application scene: eCommerce website or platform, picture trading platform, picture material website

Image metadata Extraction API:   API doc

Some sample EXIF metadata info is listed as below:   
Params Info(Example)
Compression Type Baseline
Data Precision 8 bits
Image Height 800 pixels
Image Width 300
Version 2.1.0
File Modified Date 2020:01:05 11:00:15
Detected File Type Name JPEG
Detected File Type Long Name 2020:01:05 11:00:15
Detected MIME Type 0
Detected MIME Type image/jpeg
Expected File Name Extension jpg